Our unique case management system can be integrated with our other products, or utilized on a standalone basis and assists in automating many of the manual tasks associated with the typical healthcare fraud case workflow. The reporting, tracking and communication hub of the FWAShield platform that is fully assimilated to work cohesively with both PreShield and PostShield.

CaseShield is designed to give management and staff an organized and easily navigable focal point, keeping track of current and historical case files, documentation storage, document template generation, case linking to external resources, medical record storage and tracking, extensive reporting capability, financial tracking in accordance with the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association financial reporting standards, state and federal regulatory reporting requirements and so much more.

Healthcare Fraud Shield understands that not all insurers are the same and the landscape is constantly changing, therefore we’ve created a fully customizable system to change with your shifting needs. Our clients are our number one priority and we make certain you are not alone in your efforts. At Healthcare Fraud Shield, all clients experience our first-rate customer service with fast turnaround time, and an associate who is available to you at all times to assist you with:

  • Customizing the product to suit your company’s needs
  • Promptly integrating new and emerging fraud rules
  • Provide guidance on industry schemes and practices

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Additional HCFS Products and Services

FWAShield utilizes unique and proprietary data sources to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and achieve superior results.

Reduce dollars lost by preventing ineligible claims to be paid

Monitors claims and suspicious activities through advanced post-payment detection.

Identifies prescription drugs improperly billed based on company policies and guidelines.

Runs real-time queries and complex pattern reports from loaded data.

Analyzes claims data, develops cases, detects systemic weaknesses, and more.