Healthcare Fraud Shield offers a fully integrated Fraud, Waste and Abuse software solution platform called FWAShield. FWAShield utilizes unique and proprietary data sources to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and achieve superior results. Our platform is deployed utilizing a Software-as-a-Service model which allows us to quickly adopt new system enhancements and fraud analytics with minimal work for our customers. Our platform is designed to make the user experience simple, fast, and effective. FWAShield integrates distinctive algorithms and an expert rules-based methodology to reduce the excessive and unwanted false positives present in most other fraud detection software programs. Here are some of the reasons why you would benefit from FWAShield:

  • Completely integrated platform allowing the user to easily maneuver and integrate information from all products
  • Fully customizable to fit your organization
  • User-friendly and intuitive screens
  • Workflow processes that require minimal training or technological expertise
  • Custom-built reporting capabilities designed to accommodate your company’s individual reporting needs for your management, executive team, regulatory agencies and more

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