FWAShield is an integrated fraud, waste, and abuse solution that utilizes unique and proprietary data sources to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and achieve superior results.

A pre-payment solution to reduce dollars lost from payment of ineligible claims.

A post-payment solution to monitor claims and suspicious activities.

A pharmacy analytics solution to identify improperly billed prescription drugs.

An ad-hoc tool to run real-time queries and complex pattern reports from loaded data.

A case management solution to automate reporting, tracking, and communications.

Expert analysis of claims, development of cases, and detection of systemic weaknesses.

An AI-driven anomaly detection platform that identifies risk vectors from emerging schemes and behaviors.

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“I have seen no other system or suite of services with these offerings. This is the best investment for a sustainable, scalable solution. . . .truly state of the art!”

“They are quick to update nearly any client customization we have requested. I’ve been extremely pleased with the FWAShield program overall as well as Healthcare Fraud Shield as a company.”

Dynamic Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Detection Software Solutions

Our suite of products includes new technology applications for the
healthcare industry that will revolutionize cost reduction opportunities.


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