Healthcare Fraud Shield has developed a powerful ad-hoc querying tool that works seamlessly throughout FWAShield. QueryShield enables a user to run real-time queries and complex pattern reports from data loaded into PreShield, PostShield and/or CaseShield.

  • Customized reports to meet the reporting needs of state and federal regulatory agencies and industry associations
  • Template reports that may be reused and are accessible by a single user or multiple users
  • Aggregated summary reports
  • Trending analysis reports
  • Cross-claim querying capability
  • Fraud alert impact analysis
  • Instantaneous results that may be uploaded to CaseShield and/or exported
  • Stored Point-in-Time results
  • User-friendly interface

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Additional HCFS Products and Services

FWAShield utilizes unique and proprietary data sources to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and achieve superior results.

Reduce dollars lost by preventing ineligible claims to be paid

Monitors claims and suspicious activities through advanced post-payment detection.

Identifies prescription drugs improperly billed based on company policies and guidelines.

Automates Case Management, including reporting, tracking, and communications.

Analyzes claims data, develops cases, detects systemic weaknesses, and more.