As pharmacy expenditures rise, pharmacy FWA continues to be a prevalent issue for both commercial and government payers. RxShield is fully integrated with PreShield, PostShield, QueryShield, and CaseShield empowering Healthcare Fraud Shield customers to be able to:

  • Identify prescription drugs improperly billed based on company policies and guidelines.
  • Demonstrate abusive patterns of prescription use by members; such as obtaining early refills, pharmacy and doctor shopping and more.
  • Detect prescribers providing medications outside the standard of care.
  • Peer comparison of pharmacies for aberrancies such as excessive use of override codes, high volume of brand drugs, suspect number of controlled substances and more.
  • Conduct cross-claim analysis between pharmacy and medical claims to identify potential double billing as well as diagnoses that do not support the medications prescribed.
  • Easily create detailed customized analysis reports using both pharmacy and medical data.
  • Keep investigators up-to-date with industry trends as new pharmacy, member and prescriber alerts are added quarterly.

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