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Designed with Technology and Healthcare Expertise Built In

How do you combat the billions of dollars lost each year to healthcare claims fraud? HCFS has a simple philosophy — superior service coupled with advanced analytics (with both AI powered and the most extensive FWAE library of alerts), providing integrative technology solutions with the power and flexibility to meet every healthcare insurance payer where they are.

Our Team

With over 20 years of experience developing and designing expert-based claims fraud detection systems, our in-house SIU team of accredited investigators and healthcare and software subject matter experts leverage leading-edge analytics, AI, and proprietary and external data for the most accurate claims data available.

Mike Moseler

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Epperson

Chief Information Security Officer

Tony Rademeyer

Executive Vice President of Sales

Karen Weintraub

Executive Vice President

Bill Van Fleit

Vice President of Data Science

Jeff DiMaria

IT Director

Tony Rademeyer

Executive Vice President of Sales

Jeff DiMaria

Chief Technology Officer