Only the HCFSPlatform™ for Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Error is powered by the FWA Precision Engine

The most effective claims data analysis available, so you can save time detecting and preventing suspicious healthcare claims and deliver increased savings with confidence.

FWA Precision Engine Changes the Healthcare Payment Integrity Game

Our proprietary data fusion library aggregates statistics from both internal and external data sources like NPI, SOS data, state sanction lists, virtual offices,  a proprietary shared analytics database and more.

We regularly update and expand our 1,750+ industry rules knowledge base, leverage AI-driven anomaly detection, and design our products to drill down to claim-line level detail.

Proven Results with the HCFSPlatform™

Improve ROI

from aberrant pre-payment and post-payment claims.

Save valuable time

identifying suspicious claims leveraging risk scores and automated alerts.

Increase productivity

with a powerful, fully integrated and automated platform.

Improve compliance

with customizable reports tailored to regularly changing state and federal guidelines.

Reduce false positives rates

with accurate and quality analytics.

 The HCFSPlatform™ for Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Error

Validate Claim Payment Accuracy with Confidence

The HCFS Platform™ supports fully integrated modules so you can find your data all in one place — including shared pre-payment and post-payment insights. 

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