Who has enough time in their day to do everything you need to do? Almost no one. If you are going to the NHCAA Annual Training Conference in Dallas, then you don’t want to miss this session. If you aren’t able to attend, let us know and we can provide you free information on how to automate this process.

How much time do you and your teams spend triaging cases? Do you ever ask yourselves, there has to be a faster way? In today’s fast-paced business environment, time is money. That’s why it’s so important to have an efficient and effective case prioritization process in place. Manual case prioritization can be time-consuming, may be error prone, and may incorporate inconsistent practices if performed by different individuals. However, by automating your case prioritization process, you can save time, improve accuracy, ensure consistency, add efficiencies, and make certain that your cases are streamlined to be handled in the most effective manner possible. In this session, we will discuss not only the benefits, but the best methods to apply when automating your case prioritization process. We will cover the key attributes to consider regarding various allegations including, but not limited to regulatory considerations, financial considerations, patient harm, prior history and more. All these data points can be configured into a simple to use case prioritization tool built directly into your case management solution.

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